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You Will Not Find A Better Holster

I have had three holsters made for me and my wife in the last two months for the same model gun. 1 OWB with a thumb snap retention for EDC, 1 OWB W/O retention for Range use, and 1 pocket holster Model #1 for my EDC. All three holsters are superb quality with expert craftsmanship that are a perfect fit with a little bit of breaking in. As well built as these holsters are and with a little care from us, they should outlast our guns with no problem. Just to let anybody know who is reading this review I have allot of holsters, A LOT of holsters from Kydex to hybrids and everything in between with some good and some really bad. HolsterPro is the only company that I have had multiple holsters made for us and yes they are that good and we like them that much. If your thinking on trying a good comfortable leather holster check out HolsterPro, you will not be disappointed at all and yes I will be buying again. Larry