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Exceeded My Expectations!!!

First leather holster, and I am in love! I have plenty of the plastic and even neoprene holsters and they work but are stiff. This leather one is amazing and molds to my “curves”. Fits my Hellcat perfect! Customer service was amazing. You can see true craftsmanship here folks, better than the mass produced holsters out there.

David Perez
Bonney Lake

Exceeded my expectations on every level

I ordered your Model 1 Pocket Holster. You’ve exceeded my expectations on every level. The appearance of the leather, quality of materials and the fit and finish are unbelievable!

I purchased an old .22 short Astra Cub (Colt Junior) and wanted a holster reminiscent to the gun. Your work makes that little gun shine. Please know I will be telling/showing family and friends your wonderful product and recommending HosterPro as my source for finely crafted carry options.

Thanks so Much!

Thomas D.


Model 577 Holster

Impressive. Not only wonderful USA products but the support you provide as a one man team is top notch. Kydex is kydex. We all love our cheap holsters from Amazon, but there’s nothing like a custom made English bridal leather holster made for your special carry, and initials monogrammed etc.

One problem though. You under charged me!! Man, your work is so nice. Thanks for taking care of me. It’s perfect. Love it!

Dane A.
West Chester

Keep up the good work!

I just received your model 5134 for my LCP and it is great! I also purchased a model 5134 for my P365 a few weeks ago, and it is now my primary carry holster. Keep up the good work, and I’m sure I’ll be making future purchases from you.

Jack Hickok
New York

I could not be happier

I have two HolsterPro holsters. One for my Taurus PT111 G2 and one for my Ruger LCPII. Both are my carry options. I could not be happier with the design and construction of my holsters. Very high fabrication and excellent materials and workmanship. I have recommended HolsterPro to my 2A friends and would not hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone looking for a high quality leather holster at a reasonable price.

Duane Dubay

Incredible customer service and product

Incredible customer service and product. Don’t trust one size fit all holsters, highly recommend their packages to give you ultimate flexibility with your EDC or a holster for all your guns!

Chris Jackson

Second to none in my opinion

I have bought a lot of holsters in my life. But HolsterPro is the best. Fits my wildcat perfectly – size shape and form. Second to none in my opinion!!

Jack Abbott
North Canton

The right company to order from

I commissioned Holster Pro to build me an IWB holster for my new Springfield 911 9mm. I was amazed and pleased that they were able to do so on such a new model. I also requested a custom double open top belt clip magazine holder. Both of these were to be black leather.

When I received the products they were every bit of what I had wanted. Top quality leather and workmanship. My gun and mags fit perfectly and the static was just right on both.

If your looking for the best custom made leather products for your gun and mag collection, this is the right company to order from.

Fast and professional!

Gregory Eckert