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Shoulder holster for BASS

Paul made me a shoulder holster rig for my Bond Arms Snake Slayer, and it is top shelf. The holster leather is strong, well-stitched, and fits precisely without any break-in period. More importantly, the thumb-break is fit perfectly, with good snaps. I have had several thumb-break snaps from other quality makers fail quickly because they were not mated-up properly; these are. The shoulder leather is soft, wide, adjustable & comfortable. The support side is just a nylon strap, and is very long, so I used electrical tape to secure it once I got it sized to me.
Overall, this is an excellent holster, handmade by a highly skilled craftsman. I have half a closet full of holsters that didn’t work out well. This one is a keeper; I highly recommend. I will be ordering similar rigs from Paul. Place your order well in advance of when you’ll need it: The 2-week turn-around time stated on his website must’ve been written before he got very busy. I ordered my holster in December 2021 and received it in June 2022. Worth the wait, though.