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Received Your 822 Holster for My Bursa Thunder Plus (In Cross Draw)

I got the holster last week and figuring it would take about a week to make the gun fit the holster I double wrapped it in zip lock bags like I did with other holsters. Following your directions, after 2 days the gun fit perfectly, in fact if I didn’t order the holster with a thumb break it would fall out. The thumb break strap softened up within 1 week and did not hinder the draw. (The other holster I have for this gun is 2 months old and the strap still gets in the way of the draw). It took a little while to get used to the 2 snaps that hold the holster on the belt (easy off, a little tricky re-snaping it back on, but I got it now.) I have 9 other firearms in need of quality holsters, (mostly classic revolvers and autos, will be contacting you soon about them (maybe something a little more fancy). Again thanks for a great job.