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This is the second holster I’ve ordered from Paul. This time it was a 722 for my S&W Shield Plus, 9mm, 10 rd. I ordered it on May 15th and it was at my house May 22nd, on the opposite side of the country! The holster was tight. I read the directions and Paul said, no oils, or creams. I always oil my leather products to soften it up but this time I decided to follow the directions and not use anything. After a few days of carrying the holster, it has already loosened just a bit. Very nice retention. Excellent workmanship. It is sewn perfectly. The leather is very thick. I love holsters that fit perfectly, not a “one size fits all” and that’s why I went with Holster Pro. The holster completely covers the trigger, sticks about 1/2″ past the barrel, and hugs my waist nice and tight. Cannot be seen under a tee shirt! The price is excellent for a handmade product. Thank you again Paul!