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Cycling, Ideas and First Impression

If you have ever been riding a bicycle during the summer months you can really work up a sweat. So for some time, rather than carry my LCR uncomfortably in a pocket or in my waistband while riding, I kept it in a zippered pouch under my saddle. Yeah, I know, not the best place to access your protection should you need it quickly, but at least it was with me. I recently purchased a new LCP2 and began looking for a way to mount it on the stem of the handlebars using the existing holster. After several unsuccessful attempts to find a safe, secure, discreet and efficient way to mount the holster I already had, I decided to find help.

So on Thursday 319 I contacted HolsterPro via email. My first impression(s) of HolsterPro: Very quick response. Excellent. Question to determine whether my locality allowed open carry. Excellent. Questions to determine whether I was a responsible gun owner. Excellent. If Paul’s product matches the first impressions I have of him, my satisfaction should follow. He knows there is
more to just making a sale when you are dealing with firearms. To be continued.